Have a safe and happy parade day,
a Merry Christmas, Wonderful Holidays,
and a very Happy New Year!

Check in begins:         11:00 am

Parade Check-in:        At the corner of Mellen Lane & 154th Rd.
Line-up begins:           11:30 am
Parade begins:            1:00 pm
Awards Ceremony:      6:00 pm – The Jupiter Elks Lodge; winners’ pictures will be taken

Parade Route:

Parade begins at the corner of Alexander Run and Sandy Run, and proceeds

east on Sandy Run ending at Jupiter Farms Road.

Santa’s arrival:
Santa comes to Jupiter Farms as the last entry in the parade.



After the parade officially ends at Jupiter Farms and  Sandy Run, youngsters to be picked up will wait in the grounds of SIRWCD just north of Sandy Run on the East side of Jupiter Farms Road.

No animals are to be brought to the Elks after the completion of the parade. Please take your animals home and join us for the awards ceremony at the Elks (NW corner of Jupiter Farms shopping center).

  1. Parade Check In   
    One member from your group must stop by the check-in desk at the corner of Mellen and 154th Road. Please allow plenty of time to get from check-in to the staging area. From the check-in desk, individual participants, horse entries and vehicles will be directed to the staging areas from the South via separate routes to ease congestion. Entries should not plan to get to the check-in or staging areas by traveling west on Sandy Run, as Sandy Run will be closed off prior to the parade beginning. There also will be no northbound traffic on Alexander Run south of Sandy Run. Please refer to the parade route map for location of check-in desk, staging area, and parade route.
  2. Line-up
    All entries will be staged along Alexander Run south of Sandy Run. We will email you your parade order when it is determined. To get the final number, you can also email lstaylr320@gmail.com or call 561-746-8945 on Friday evening. Caution: the parade order number could change slightly by parade time. The check-in volunteers will give you the approximate location of your staging area.
  3. Parking and after Parade
    It is recommended that parade participants carpool or get dropped off at the staging area; there is limited space for parking along the staging area on Alexander Run. It is suggested that horse trailers be parked on Sandy Run east of Jupiter Farms Road for easy loading after the parade. Floats and marching units turn north on Jupiter Farms Road and disperse in the SIRWCD grounds (15600 Jupiter Farms Road). Participants can be picked up at the SIRWCD grounds after the parade. Horse traffic not trailered should turn south on Jupiter Farms Road and proceed around to their barn via the “back way”.
  4. Numbers & Spacing
    Before the parade, please attach your line-up marker to the right side of your entry so that the judges can identify you. For your entry to be appreciated in its entirely,
    please maintain a 60’ space (three car lengths) from the parade unit in front of you. It is important that your entry stay in its assigned line-up order during the parade. The order was set to provide the best visibility for your entry, the judges will expect to see you in that order! That order was also set to help ensure optimum safety for both participants and parade spectators.
  5. Entries
    Absolutely no items may be thrown from any parade entry, especially candy. Candy (or any other items) may be handed out only to spectators that are completely off the street. The parade committee may at any time, and at its sole discretion, pull an entry from the parade.
  6. Judging
    Judges base their scores on originality, adherence to theme, technical merit, and visual impact. It is suggested that your group pause, just for a moment (and no more than one minute for those who have planned performances) in front of the judges’ stand at about 115th on the south side of Sandy Run. This will help the judges fully appreciate your entry. Your entry will be judged in the category that was selected on your parade entry form. A Grand Prize Trophy will be awarded to the entry with the highest overall score.
  7. Awards
    Awards will be given to the winners a little after 6pm at The Jupiter Elks Lodge. If you and/or your organization are not present, awards will be available at the next Jupiter Farms Residents meeting, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, at the Jupiter Farms Park Pavilion. After that you must make special arrangements to pick up: lstaylr320@gmail.com OR 561-746-8945

  8. Restrooms
    There will be no port-a-potties available at the staging area on Alexander Run.

Please remember the following:

All members of your group should arrive at the staging area well before the parade start time. If all, or some, of the members arrive after the parade has started, those late-comers will be placed at the end of the line-up; they will not be judged, and they will not be allowed to catch up with the rest of the group. Remember, as parade time arrives, you won’t be able to travel west on Sandy Run. Plan ahead.

Absolutely no alcohol will be permitted before or during the parade. If anyone is seen with alcoholic beverages, or the like, the entire group will be pulled from the parade. The Parade Committee may, at its sole discretion, pull an entry from the parade, especially if unsafe behavior of any kind is observed.

Equestrian Entries
Equestrian entries with ten or more horses must have their own pooper scooper.

Please take extra care around the horses, Cub Scouts, Brownies and other children. That means no honking, cow bells, or revving up that hog’s engine! This is vitally important for everyone’s safety!

Equine Related Event
At check-in you will be reminded that the parade is an equine activity and that
Florida Statute 773.02 applies. The statute, recognizing the inherent risks of these activities, essentially bars claims for injury incurred in equine related events.

Rules and Guidelines
At check-in you will be asked to sign a statement that you have read and understand the rules and acknowledge that the equine statute applies to the parade. See statute text below.

Jupiter Farms Christmas Parade & Craft Fair

For the health of our neighbors, the Jupiter Farms Christmas Parade & Craft Fair will not be held in 2020.
The details below were for 2019, and can still be useful for typical procedures as we look forward to 2021!


Jupiter Farms Christmas Parade

Sunday, December 15, 2019 -- starting at 1pm

Parade Theme:

Our Creatures, Great and Small and Wild! 
(Thinking of our pets, our livestock, and of course, our Farms critters)